küche wohnzimmer 30 qm

küche wohnzimmer 30 qm

some of our viewers are helping me build this living space. it`s kinda difficult though.... in manhatten you pay for a flat like this 1000 euros... we asked ourselves how? well, keep watching! on our way in new york, looking for the 9mâ² mini-flat. manhatten`s the island of the super-rich. the most expensive penthouses cost over 100 million euros. but there are still some cheap flats. we made an appointment with broker leon finegold.

he specialized in "micro-apartments". so you recenty rented out the smallest flat in new york. as far as i'm concerned it is the smalles legal flat in new york. how did you do that? i looked for someone who only needed a bed to sleep in and not much more room to live. like this, they could save a lot of money to really enjoy this city. we had a lot of applicants but we decided upon him. he sends us to the upper westside where people like stephen spielberg or lady gaga live. and now...grayson altenberg as well.

he`s gonna show us the place...if we acually manage to find it. it doesn't exist on here. lets see what happens. we are from galileo. come in, its a little narrow... welcome to my palace. grayson seems to have great humour cause the flat`s to small for three people to exist in it. no windows? no there aren`t any windows just this small luke here:

at least i can see what weather it is outside. what did you think when you saw this flat? i actually took the flat and paid the rent without looking at the flat first. i took the keys, went up here and thought: wow1 what am i gonna do with this? when grayson took over the flat some months ago it was still empty. but now it`s almost.....comfortable. the 22 year old had a great idea. stack everything!

everything hangs off the walls. in the back there`s a shower, and in a small corner: the toilet. there`s not much privacy here, right? no, it`s real mans-room. there was a curtain here but i ripped it off. i`m usually alone anyways. did you ever get visitors? yes, i once took a girl home. she was pretty shocked that you could actually live like this. but we still had fun.

greyson really seems to have fun in his new city. after two months he's allready a media-sensation. i find the situation in this flat just as funny as everybody else does. it`s so clich㨠to want to make it in new york no matter what. but thanks to this flat i new have a lot of people supporting me. graysons dream is it to become a first-class-chef. he works in a new yorker in-restaurant. so it was important to him to still have a kitchen. do you actually cook here?

yes, i cook a lot in here? i`m a chef and i have to practice at home. we follow grayson shopping. directly in front of his door: the big city life. it`s nice to leave the flat, right? yes! but out here`s like my living-room. great shops, cafes and restaurants. now we understand why grayson`s so happy despite his limited living-space. the usual price for living here is 4000 euros, but he only pays 1000 euros. his kitchen is a cooker, a cutting-place and a mini-fridge.

but the cook is still in his element. the smell! it`s reall nice, isn`t it? food is reall important to me and if my flat smells like food i don`t care. few ingredients, small portions and cooking really cleanly....that's the way to go in this kitchen. within only 2 minutes grayson made us this: filet with spinach and polenta. only....where are we gonna eat? sit down! that's the table? usually i eat alone but serve yourself!

i have spoons and chopsticks. spoon should work. it`s good, right? it`s fantastic! the most important thing: always imedienately clean up. there`s no room for a mess! how long does he want to live here? i think iâ´ll stay here for a while....i like what i have, we`ll see how winter goes. but i think, iâ´ve got this.

like everyday grayson gets ready shortly after lunchtime. he`ll have to work 12h in the kitchen. until he can get back into manhatten`s smallest flat. thanks for watching, we`ve go some things that might interest you as well, just click on it.

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