jacuzzi im wohnzimmer

jacuzzi im wohnzimmer

hi everyone! on this side, iwona from the marivo channel today we are putting together another set from lego friends it is a cottage hill with a winter resort the kit number is 41323 and it is intended for children from 7 years of age the kit includes two mini dolls andrea and amy both are in beautiful winter outfits

they look nice! there is a snowmobile a beautiful mountain cottage, it is simply wonderful! there is also a dog and skis the set contains over 400 elements including additional elements such as skis, books, croissants, mugs you can find everything here, really there are plenty of rooms

and the house, of course, can be broken down it promises to be great, and you think? so we do not wait, we just fold! the set includes 4 bags with blocks beautiful winter stickers because it is a winter series large blocks of blocks and of course, a book with instructions for submission so how do we start folding?

sure, what are you asking! sure, i'd like to warm up a bit and drink hot chocolate okay, then we're starting to fold! the first mini doll in the set is andrea he has a beautiful snow dress purple skirt and colorful vest he also has glasses on his hair is ready for a winter adventure, right?

the other mini doll is amy hi amy, look what a great outfit is! he has blue pants and a blue sweatshirt he also has gloves and he has glasses on his hair, like andrea it is also prepared for a snow trip the kit also includes a little dog this is a husky named luna on the tail has a beautiful bow

he will accompany girls in their adventures is beautiful beautiful? and amy also has a trail map without which they certainly will not go to the mountains, right? true true we've just built a super snowmobile look how extra it is! it will fit two mini dolls, one in the back and the other doll will be guided

there is also a camera that records and takes pictures while driving and you can attach skis at the back, see? here we have built a jacuzzi the girls will be warming up here on cold days there is also a jacuzzi ladder we put a beautiful lamp here, look we also set a fireplace the fire is already burning in it

there is a wonderful carpet in a pink color and of course there must be a sofa to sit back and relax after a hard day how pleasant! we also made the front of the house where are the stairs and of course the plants wait a moment, luna, we're about to build the rest of the house we also have a board game

let girls not be bored there is also wood for the fireplace and a place to have a suitcase karma must also be found for luna we put an advertisement on our fireplace and now added another brick there is also a cup the house also can not run out of windows with such beautiful shutters

i see you we also have a wall with a clock and a picture there must also be a door there is a passage for the dog downstairs there is also a signboard, of course of course, the kitchen can not be missing in the cottage there is also a bowl with a bone for luna luna, come on, boy

there is also a worktop with cabinets there is also a glove swimming twirl mugs, of course, for drinks and chocolate, which we can heat in the microwave and there must still be chairs so that there is something to sit down for breakfast luna, you have to move a little bit

we've put the roof up, look it is decorated with beautiful snowflakes it already has a very winter look you see? cool! there is also a lamp and of course a bed which pink, andrea, look what comfortable but it will be great to sleep here! for sure! and we're building a second bed!

andrea fell this time blue for amy there are also various perfumes and cosmetics there is also a telephone we'll put him here and here is our beautiful mountain cottage it presents itself wonderfully! but, it seems to me that we have too little snow! i think i can do something about it

look, it's snowing in heartlake! so better, right away is the winter mood right? our house is two-storey and very colorful on the front there are flowers barrier and door here he can get a dog there are also windows with shutters above, the cottage also has a balcony

and green decorations. i like them very much and what else does it have? opened roof to the side he has a snowball there is also a jacuzzi outside in it, it will definitely be warm for girls now let's check what's inside there is a fireplace, of course in which the fire burns, making them warm

there is also a bowl and a large chimney there is also an advertisement, of course there is also a lamp, a rug and a sofa you can rest on it after driving we have a kitchen on this side, look there is a table with mugs and food it is croissant, butter, delicious there are also stools there is also a kitchen where they can cook

delicious food we can not forget about our friend, dog there is also a bowl with the cube and karma there is a bedroom on the upper floor look, there are two lovely beds here in pink and blue guess who is the bed for? there is also a cabinet with a telephone and cosmetics

because without this girl will not go anywhere girls can sleep here and spend great time on long conversations we can not forget that in the set there is also a snowmobile! there are two mini dolls in it and they can drive fast leave the paw up if you want to see a fairy tale with this set

write in the comment, what do you think about it? and of course how do you like our scenery? i can reveal that we are preparing a huge surprise which one you will really be happy with! subscribe to our channel because soon there will be new movies with lego friends see you in the next fairy tale hello hello

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