ideen wandgestaltung steinen

ideen wandgestaltung steinen

goodmorning! someone noticed that in the background of another video, i had this thing, and asked me what that is. this is called "dreamcatcher" and comes from america it's traditionally made by the natives but mine is industrial

they sell these in those new age shops in italy, so it's nothing meaningful. the original version is made with real leather and real feathers in different colours mine has these which... all have the same colour. they should be 4 colours to represent the... 4... north, south...

west and... east? (and this is why i tend to get lost) everyone makes his own dreamcatcher or for his children. it's frequently gifted to the children and hanged in the crib free to move as the wind blows and children can play with it. the natives think

that when someone sleeps and has nightmares these evil dreams get trapped in this net and remain here while sweet dreams can pass through this hole in the middle and when it's morning, and the sun rises the nightmares are destroyed...

those that were trapped. these stones can be both made out of glass or be real stones but they should be meaningful to the owner, not just any good looking stone is fit to be an amulet and protect the owner. and that's why everyone makes his own dreamcatcher for they're probably the only ones who know what to use as amulet.

i found this tradition really interesting and hanged this over my bed. i think it works don't laugh... i didn't have nightmares since then and it's decorative too. if you have other questions comment below and see you next time, with another topic!

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