ideen wandgestaltung farbe flur

ideen wandgestaltung farbe flur

alfer⮠– endless opportunities! we built a customised staggered shelf unit using aluminium profiles from the logika⮠system. it fits perfectly under the stairs. silver aluminium sheets add touches of style while the many clever hook systems and bracketsfrom alfer⮠are highly practical. everyone has a lot of clothes and shoes. and these need to be stored somewhere.

alfer⮠offers attractive and practical solutions for this! stephi starts by constructing a hall stand rail fromtwo end and one centre supports plus a steel bar. simply insert the steel bar into the supportsand screw it under the shelf. a chic storage option for jackets, scarves and co. and now, we’ll create some overhead storage space – using shelves which stephi attachesto aluminium shelving brackets. these are also available in silver. they are extremely sturdy and canbear even really heavy objects weighing up to 90 kilogramsthanks to the heavy casting quality!

to create even more storage space, stephiattaches rubber-coated aluminium hooks to the underside of the shelves. these are available in many versions– even steel ones. and now we add a touch of style:with custom-cut aluminium sheets. simply stick them to the wall withdouble-sided adhesive tape and the cladding for our hall stand is ready! alfer⮠offers a broad range of sheets in many different colours,designs and materials. and now another brilliant space-saving idea!the alfer⮠clothes hook. elena screws the bracket to the wall and thealuminium clothes hook is ready for use.

and if it is no longer needed,it can simply be folded away again. to make room for shoes in the hall stand as wellstephi screws clever aluminium boot hooks to the wall. practical:the rubber-coated hooks are also available in kids’ sizes. and now, we will just quickly make a shelf for drinks crates– using the narrow coaxis⮠profile and the matching hooks. elena does this by first vertically attaching the twoaluminium profiles from the alfer⮠coaxis⮠system to the wall. now insert the rubber-coated hooks into theappropriate groove and secure with the screws. the great thing about the hooks is thatthey can be infinitely adjusted. simply select the right height, twist tight and you’re done. the rubber-coated hooks have a high load capacityand can effortlessly hold heavy drinks crates.

now we just need to tidy up! let’s take a look back: the messy, chaotic hallway has become a stylish and brilliantly organised areawith plenty of space. the home-made shelf units built using profiles from the logikaâ® systemoffer storage space for everything that was previously just lying around. systematic order now prevails thanks to the practicaland chic solutions from alferâ®. the days of overfilled hall stands are in the past! clothes and shoes are compactly stored away thanks to the many clever storage andhook systems from alferâ®. even bulky objects and heavy loads havefound their place in just a few easy steps.

and this should be duly celebrated! cheers! woo-hoo!it looks great. really good. really, really attractive. kati: brilliant! so, have we inspired you? then copy what we’ve built and visit usonline at we look forward to your visit!

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