dekoideen wohnzimmer pinterest

dekoideen wohnzimmer pinterest

welcome back to "diefrickelbude". today iâ´ll show you daisyâ´s little sleep-aid: this lovely bunting. "die frickelbude" (= handicraft booth) we need: thread, tape, a template and a cutter you take the thread and place it like that so you still have space on the right and the left. now stick the tape over the thread like i show you here because you want to put the top and bottom together to get a big surface.

now repeat this a few times so that itâ´s convenient for your writing. then cut out the writing, take a pen and copy the outline onto the tape with all the details. then cut it out. you can clean it so itâ´s free of any pen. also cut out the little parts of the writing,

turn your tape and stick some transparent tape on the whole back. now take the little parts you cut out before and add them to the writing until everythingâ´s complete. and again place some transparent tape on top. and now you got this see-through look. next you can add some pennants to your bunting for the finishing look

and then you just have to suspend it. this is how it looks in the end. i added some glitter. i hope you liked it. if youâ´re gonna try it out, post a picture of it with #zusammengefrickelt. if you like, you can now watch these two videos. see you in my next video. bye.

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