bilder modern für wohnzimmer

bilder modern für wohnzimmer

hey guys. we're going to design our dream home on the toyota home aichi website. they told us about this designing service the last time we visited their model house. then, let's begin. yeah. dori-kamu. it comes from dream come true? dream come true. it's the kanji "home" + "dream" so first, answer questions,

and then planners will design your house based on your answers, and they will come and deliver the plans to you. "let's make your dream come true!" all right! first question is about the types of the house? yeah, based on the family structure. the 4 on the right are options for two household houses? then, ours will be the first one, right? let's go next.

i want the most open style for the kitchen, living and dining. yeah, how about this connected dining + living and open kitchen type? sounds good. all right. next, single-storied, two-storied, or three-storied house? umm... in america, second-storied house with a basement is common. we don't really have a basement. so, it's like three stories if you include a basement.

how about getting spacious two-storied house? okay, two-stories for now. next, how many rooms do we want? let's think about it. first, we need a bedroom. and a guest room. i want one. ok. and an office?

that would be nice. you like being an office room, right? i like to have a quiet room. since i film videos a lot, i want a studio room. please shoot in a quiet room. and... a storage room. oh, yeah. your clothes and shoes?

yup. this is a dream home, so another room for kids in the future? so then 6 rooms? 6ldk? this is a dream home we're talking about. size of the house. i want ours to be as big as the last one we went to.

seriously? how big was it? more than 231ãž¡... i want that. is it that big? maybe not in america, but here it's big. we can write requests here? i thinks so. i want special cat walkways.

right. now all you need to do is click this send button, and they'll bring you plans in two weeks. let's look forward to it. yay. so, they have designed our dream home, so we're going to see it for the first time now. thank you for your work. so, here is... what i drew myself. by hand?

yes. wow. i used many colored pencils. so, you said you don't have the land yet, but here's the house plan we can offer you. so, you want to have 6ldk (6 rooms +living, dining, kitchen) and special cat walkways for two cats. i put those requests in this design, so let's go through it. first,

here's parking space for two cars, and some more space for guests. and here's parking space for bikes in front of the entrance. wow... and when you go into the entrance, you'll see two doors. one is for you and the other is for guests. this two way entrance is getting very popular these days. entrance ways easily become messy with shoes and umbrellas, but if you shut the door here, you can welcome your guests without seeing a mess.

and we prepared the perspective image of it so it's easier to imagine. so this is the guest path, and this is the family path. and here's a door so you can't see the mess. this is the first room you'll see. it's one of the six rooms. you can use it as guest room. when you have your parents come over for example, it's big enough to have single beds like this. and the bottom of the doors in the house have special cat doors so they can walk around freely. cat doors. great.

and the living rooms is 43ãž¡. so big. considering the size your wife is used to, i think this would be the good size. and here's the japanese-style room (8.2ãž¡). you said you liked the layout of the living room at kanie model house, right? yes, i liked how bright it was. there're cats. oh yeah.

if you put your cat tower here for example, cats can go upstairs through ceiling joints like this. i thought this would be fun for the cats. wow, amazing. and i put a wooden deck here. you can come out here from both dining and living. makes me want to have a barbecue.yeah. it's big enough for barbecue. and here are pantries, fridge, and cupboard.

here's a counter you can use for work, too. when i visited models houses, i noticed that the doors shut very quietly. is that popular, too? it's now standard. also, the doors lock themselves during earthquakes. it has become standard these days, right? all of our kitchen cabinet doors have that function as default. and now the second floor. you'll see the toilet and sink.

since the house is quite big, having a sink here makes it a lot easier for cleaning, brushing teeth, refilling an air-purifier tank, etc... you don't need to go downstairs every single time. and here's a closet for storage. do you have suit cases? fans? heaters? we shove them all into a closet in the bedroom. it's not big enough at all. so having a closet here would be convenient.

by the way, your request was 6ldk, but we have 5 rooms so far (5ldk). if you separate this room here, it'll be the 6th room. so until then, you can use it as second living room, for like watching movies, listening music. this is just something i suggested. and, as you said, here's cat space. all these dotted lines can be catwalk, and they can go up and down through here. we have an event you can go to. here you go.

looks interesting. thank you. here's for you. thank you. is this factory tour? yes, it is. you can see how they build each unit of these houses closely. sounds fun. if you have a chance, please come visit us. let's go.

than you. oh, no no. thank you so much for today.