small living room zen design

small living room zen design
small living room zen design-no worries if your room looks plain and this video i'll show you 10 beautiful winter inspired decorating ideas, which will makeyour room look amazeballs. [music playing] [gasp] santa!!! (santa falls) hey loves! ever since i posted my first diyroom decor tutorial i've been getting so many requests for another episode. so i thoughtwhy not! and since we are approaching christmas, these decorations are perfect for this timeof the year, but many are also more winter
inspired, so you can totally make them whenchristmas is over too. i'm going to show you 10 beautiful ideas, including this one, whichwill make your room look like a proper winter wonderland. ok, enough talking, let's getdown to business. we're going to kick off with this beautifulpine tree pillow case, which is a great decoration for all year around plus you can make it forvery cheap. we'll need a plain pillow case, some patterned fabric, a piece of brown fabricor felt and fabric glue. fold one side corner in like that. apply some glue and fold theopposite corner over it. apply the glue also on the bottom part of your tree and fold thatlittle triangle up. you get a beautiful pine tree shape, with perfectly neat edges completelywithout sewing. i love using patterned fabric
pieces because they just make the pillow moreinteresting and full. i made one more green and red tree, but this time using a bit smallerpieces of fabric so i got slightly smaller pine trees. of course every tree also hasa trunk, so lets cut four rectangles from a brown piece of felt or any other fabricof your choice. we are now all ready to glue our pine trees on the pillow. happy dance,woohoo! apply a bit of glue on the back of each pine beauty and place it onto the pillowcase. i like that my trees overlap a bit so it looks more realistic. i'm also i am gluingsome trees a bit higher than the others to add some dimension. in the end we have toglue the four trunks under each of our beautiful pine trees. voila, we are finished with thisgorgeous pine tree pillow, which looks great
in your bedroom or living room. i had thesegreen pillows on my sofa from before so i thought a pine tree pillow with some greenand red will complement them perfectly. i wasn't wrong - i love how everything turnedout! a very easy and super adorable winter decorideas are these sweater candles. all you need is a candle, a glass and a sock or a sleeveof an old sweater. put the glass into the sock opening and cut away the excess. i liketo leave some extra fabric, which i then tuck under the glass. put the candle into the glassand you have the cutest winter candles ever. these literally take a minute to make andthey look so beautiful, warm and cozy. this kind of diys are my favorite – quick, easyand stunning!
a really cool and inexpensive decoration forthe winter time is this pine tree bouquet with orange and pasta ornaments. to get thepine branches we're going to first take a little walk in the woods. i'm lucky enoughto have one right behind my apartment. find a pine tree or any other tree really and cuta couple of branches. mine are ready so let's quickly get back home and make a beautifulroom decoration! besides branches you will also need a couple of oranges, glue gun andstring plus bow shaped pasta and spray paint. first we're going to paint our pasta! protectthe working surface with a cardboard paper or a plastic bag, place on your pasta andspray it on both sides. in a minute you are left with beautiful golden bow we need to make our orange ornaments as
well. cut quarter of an inch wide slices oforange like that. yum, i love orange so much. especially now that they are in season theytaste so good. place the slices on a baking tray and bake at 240 fahrenheit for 3 hours.while baking the orange slices will dry, harden and shrink a bit. take them out of the ovenand let's work on the hangers. make a hole using a needle and lead a string through it.i am using a golden string, which goes perfectly with our gold bow pasta. make a knot and weare ready to hang our orange ornaments on the pine branches. i love how these can also decorate your christmas tree using these beautiful dried orange attach the pasta bows simply apply a bit of glue at the back of each bow and stickthem on the branches. how pretty, right! using
orange and pasta to create such a gorgeousdecoration may seem crazy but i think we all agree that the result is stunning. i justlove making unique and inexpensive crafts like this one. on top of that oranges smellso nice you won't need to burn any scented candles at all! time to make this gorgeous winter wall art,with snowman and a little quote. we need a canvas, a palette, blue and white acrylicpaint, sponge applicator and optionally - some water. let's make a blue gradient for thebackground. squeeze some dark blue paint on a palette. dip the sponge in the water andthen into the paint. color the upper edge of your canvas making a wide blue stripe likethat. the background should be darkest on
top and lightest on the bottom, so to geta slightly lighter blue shade, mix in a bit of white. then color the section below thedarkest blue with the lighter blue shade and blend the two colors together. for an evenlighter blue color add more white acrylic paint and color the section below our previouscolor. continue these steps by adding more and more white paint until your canvas isall covered in the pretty blue gradient. color the bottom part using pure white paint torepresent the snow on the ground. alright now it's time to print out our quote, there'ssnowplace like home in a big heart. of course we also need to print out a snowman. cut theheart and the snowman out. how cute is he?! apply some glue on the back of the snowmanand the heart, and stick them on to the canvas.
you can get a lot of snowman pictures on theinternet. so just google it and you will find a lot of results. you can of course be creativeand instead of the snowman you can print other pictures, like a house, a christmas tree,anything you like! the options are endless! to make this wall art extra wintery draw alot of white snowflakes all over the canvas using a small paint brush. if you want anextra little detail you can add some silver glitter paint on top of each snowflake. plusi decided to make a shade under the snowman using a pencil to make a picture more bring together the canvas with the printed snowman and the heart cover the entire canvaswith a very thin layer of mod podge. i do suggest using a photo paper when printingout your pictures instead of a regular paper.
this canvas is a great winter decor for yourroom or the entrance of your house. here in norway it can get pretty cold outside so iam always so happy when i get home from the wind, rain or snow. so for me the quote "there'ssnowplace like home" is absolutely perfect. another diy and another walk in the woods.this time i am picking up pine-cones, acorns and these balls, which i don't even know whatthey're called. have some fun exploring and pick whatever you find where you live. i decidedto spray paint just the balls, while i am keeping pine-cones and acorns natural. leavethe paint to dry for a minute and mix all of these beauties together. put them intoany kind of transparent vase or even a bowl and you get a gorgeous decoration perfectfor fall and winter. i love going outside,
and bringing home pieces of nature. i thinksuch natural decorations give so much life and joy to my apartment. now i am going to show you how to make thispretty and warm sock. just kidding we are making a stocking! because, where will santaotherwise leave all our presents, right?! you will need any fabric of your choice, somewhite furry material, which is optional, stocking stencil and fabric glue. first we need tocut two stocking shapes from our fabric. you can just do it directly but i like to usea stencil to get a perfect shape. place some tape pieces on the stencil and then stickit on your fabric. cut it out using scissors or an exacto knife. take the other piece offabric and now we have to cut out a mirror
image of the first stocking shape. to do thatwe need to peel of the tape pieces on this side of the stocking, flip the stencil aroundand stick the tape pieces on that side. cut out the stocking shape. if you want you cantotally have the same fabric on both sides of your stocking. i happen to have slightlydifferent pattern, but that's ok! when both stocking sides are cut out it's time to gluethem together. apply a stripe of fabric glue all around the edges of one stocking side.oh no what a troll, of course i shouldn't apply glue on that upper part because that'swhere the stocking needs an opening. how else would santa put the presents into our stockingif it would be sealed all around. after about fifteen minutes the glue should be completelydry and you can flip your stocking inside
out. cut about ten inch stripe from your fabric.we will use it as a hanger for the stocking. glue the stripe ends together. while the gluedries let's apply an awesome fur ending to the socking. or you can use some other fabricthat you find, like white felt for example. apply two parallel stripes of glue on thetop edge of the stocking where you have the opening. do this all around the stocking sothat the entire top part is wrapped in the cozy faux fur. in the end tuck the part stickingout into the sock for an even neater look. the only thing left to do is gluing the hangeron the back part of the stocking and we are done. now we are all ready for the santa'svisit. so.. we're waiting, santa, we're waiting for you! i really like how this stocking turnedout, it looks so professionally made. you
can also use this as a gift wrapping ideaand fill this stocking with little presents for a friend or boyfriend. everyone wouldbe so happy to receive such an awesome gift! clay stars are such an awesome and versatiledecor idea that you can actually make all year around. hang them on your window, wallor even use them to decorate your christmas tree. we're going to need different colorsof clay, star cookie cutter and dough roller. roll the colors of your choice into stripslike this. i have white, minty green, glittery grey and blue. i went for more wintery, frostycolors as you can tell. twist all the strips together and note that the more you twist,the more marbley your stars are going to be. i want my design to be pretty full so i decidedto roll my clay again and twist it like that.
have fun and play with it so that the claycolors mix together. then form the clay into a little marble ball. place it on the flatsurface and use a roller or something rounded like a vase or a bottle to flatten it. takea star shaped cookie cutter and press it on the clay to get beautiful clay stars. i seriouslyfeel like i'm baking cookies, no joke, i just want to eat these so badly. to make thesestars easy to hang once they harden, we also need to make a small hole using a clay is air drying so i have to wait for a few hours for the stars to dry and harden,but you can bake them and speed up the process. these beautiful stars are now all dry so usethe hole we made earlier to tie on a piece of thread. we are finally ready to decoratethe room with these beautiful marbley stars.
i already plan to make these using brightclay colors for the spring and summer because this diy is just so much fun. want your room to look like a real winterwonderland? this frozen candle will help you get just that. to make it we need a vase,snow spray, artificial snow, and a candle. now let's put our winter wonderland candletogether. take a piece of paper and sketch a zig zag line all along like that. we arecreating a stencil that will help us make the perfect ice stalactites. cut along thesketched line using your scissors. this shape really reminds me of scary teeth of a sharkor some other beast. relax, sara, it's just a paper. ok, take your vase and wrap the stencilaround it. as you can see the top of the vase
stays uncovered and this is where we willapply the snow. take your artificial snow and spray it all around the vase until thetop edge is completely covered and you can't see any transparent parts. i really love thisspray as it makes everything look so wintery in a second. after a few minutes the snowon our vase sets and we can remove the stencil. here we have them - perfect ice stalactitesall around the edge of our vase. now what's left for us to do is to pour in some artificialsnow and place a candle in the middle. this is such a fun diy to make and i think it reallyturned out epic. in the evenings i like to turn all the lights off and i light this candle- it seriously looks so gorgeous. this could also be a great gift for a friend, your momor anyone that likes candles and pretty decorating
pieces. now let's make this beautiful mittens pillow,which is a perfect decorating piece for christmas and winter on general. you will need a cheappillow case, some patterned fabric, a piece of white fabric, yarn and fabric glue. firstwe need to cut a mitten shape out of the fabric. find a stencil of your choice on the internet– i typed mittens stencil, got many pictures and chose this one. print it and then cutit out with scissors. to keep the stencil in place while cutting the fabric, we needto stick some tape pieces on one side. flip the fabric so that the wrong side is facingup and stick on the fabric. now we can easily cut a perfect mitten shape and the stencilwill stay in place all the way. here we go
our left mitten is all done. now we have tomake a mitten for the right hand too. remember that now you have to cut out a mirror imageof the first one. and here they are our beautiful knitted mittens ready to decorate our pillowcase. apply some fabric glue on the back of mittens, hot glue should work fine too, andstick them on the pillow. fancy pillow cases can be very expensive, while you can get suchplain cases like this one for a few dollars. i chose red one which makes it a bit morechristmassy but you can use white or blue one and your pillow case will be perfect forall winter long. next step is optional but i happened to have this white faux fur fabricso i decided to cut two little pieces and stick them on the wrist part of the mittens.instead of such fur material you can totally
use white knit or cotton fabric. now theylook even more soft and cozy. to make our pillow even more interesting and full i amgluing a piece of white yarn, making sure that the ends are attached to the mittens.this string makes the pillow look so retro. i still remember having such gloves when iwas little. here it is our mittens pillow case is all done and it looks amazing, right?!i mean, you can't even get such a cool design in a shop. this is a great decoration foryour bed or a sofa. it just adds a warm and cozy feeling to any space. i absolutely adoreit. even if you don't have a proper christmastree in your room, you can still make it look super festive for the holidays. these yarntrees are easy to make and so inexpensive.
all you need is some thicker paper, all purposeglue, yarn, paint brush and buttons. make a cone shape using a piece of thicker paper.cut away the excess to get a flat bottom edge, so that our tree will stand nice and straightwhen finished. get your yarn and glue ready. before we start wrapping the yarn around thecone, we need to attach it in place firmly. so stick the yarn end on the tip of the coneusing a piece of tape. now we can apply glue on a small section on the top part of thecone and start wrapping the yarn around like that. make sure to wrap the yarn rows closelyone by the other, so you can't see the paper below. add more glue and do some more wrapping.what i like about this diy is that all the things you need you most probably alreadyhave around your house. so you don't have
to spend any money for this beautiful christmasdecoration. our cone is now completely wrapped and we can cut away the excess working yarn.i also decided to cut off a few milimetres of paper to make our tree even neater. timefor the fun part - decorating the christmas tree! i am going to use these green buttonsin a shape of flowers, because they are the only buttons that i have, but of course anybuttons will do. apply some glue on the back of each button and stick them on the tree.there we go – how gorgeous right?! but we're not finished yet. you guys know my obsessionwith pom poms so of course we have to put one on top of our christmas tree! i show youhow to make a pom pom in my diy gift ideas tutorial so check it out if you don't knowhow to make it. our christmas tree is finished
and it looks beautiful. i loved it so muchthat i had to make another one, this time using green yarn and white buttons for thebaubles. i finished it off with a red pom pom on top. these little christmas trees areso adorable and inexpensive – you really have to try them, guys. they will look beautifulon your night stand, desk anywhere. a lovely christmas decoration for sure! now you guys are all ready to spice up yourrooms for the holidays! if you try these ideas out, please send me your pictures on twitter,facebook and instagram because seriously, nothing makes me happier than seeing yourmasterpieces. i hope you are having and amazing december so far, surrounded by the peopleyou love. thank you so much for watching this
video, i am sending you a bunch of kissesand i'll talk to you really soon. bye! you really don’t need to spend a ton ofmoney to make your room look awesome. all you need is some crafty spirit and imagination.i am sure you will have a lot of fun designing and creating your own dream room.

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