living room furniture arrangement examples

living room furniture arrangement examples

whatsup guys, with holidays coming up i thought: why notdecorate the living room with these awesome new philips hue lightstrip plus! so here it is, the philips hue lightstripplus, available this week in europe and the us. the previous hue lightstrip comes with a lightstrength of 150 lumes, the hue lightstrip plus gives a impressive strength of 1600 limes to make this work you'll need the hue's the bridge between the hue app and connects up to 50 hue lights. the latest version alsosupports apple's homekit. so you can voice-control

with siri. it's really easy to set it up with the manualso there's no need to explain that. so here we go. i bought these open 'u' shapedwall cabinets to put the lightsstrip in and placed them against the sealing. this wayi can hide the light strip out of sight and you'll get a much cleaner look. the bottom side of the lightstrip is the stickyside and you use it to attach the lightstrip to any solid surface. so one lightstrip is 1 meter. but what's greatabout these lightstrips is that you can cut them as long or as short as you want. youcan even use these little extension parts

to extend the lightstrip up to 10 meters! let's go right ahead and start placing thelightstrip on the wall. what i'm gonna do is place 4 meters of lightstrip on top ofthe wall using a 'u' shaped cable cabinet. with the lightstrip now in place. let's seehow it turned out. you can use the hue app to create your customisedscenes. sync with your movies, music or photo's. or use siri voice control to set the mood. "hey siri, turn the lights to 100%." or use the apple watch if your phone isn'taround. it's really easy, really fast. so yeah,i would like to thank you guys forwatching. i hope you liked this video. i had

a lot of fun making it. stay tuned for moretech video's on my channel. subscribe. give a thumbs up it helped you out. and i'll seeyou in the next one. peace.

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